Smokin Brothers

SMOKIN BROTHERS premium pure cooking pellet shave no fillers, base wood, chemicals binding agents or flavored oils. The flavor is 100% from the wood on the bag. They are truly a premium pellet. You are getting the flavor they say and not flavors from other wood or oils mixed in the bag. We carry Oak, Hickory, Cherry, Mesquite and Apple/Hickory blend.

Jealous Devil

JEALOUS DEVIL offers 1 pellet which is a blend of cherry, maple and hickory. They add no other filler woods to the box. The boxes tend to have very few fines. The pellets burn hot with a great clean smoke flavor.


OL’HICK makes a 100% hickory and apple pellet. They are 100% pure with no filler woods and oils. They come in 40lb bags. They also have 20lb. Bags of Jim Beam cooking pellets.

Smoking Wood

SMOKING WOOD we carry lots of smoking wood and chips in bulk, medium bags and also where you can just try a few pieces to see if you like the flavor of that wood. The flavors are apple, hickory, white oak, post oak, maple, cherry, pecan, peach, mesquite, sweet cherry, apricot and sassafras.

Myron Mixon

The Myron Mixon line of cooking pellets consist of 5 different flavors. The main 2 have been the Peach blend and the Orchard blend. They are different than the others and are a consistent mix in every bag.